Adept Value Optimization

Reduce packaging costs and increase efficiency


Looking to reduce risk throughout your supply chain, develop a new packaging line or source a professional with specific expertiseAdept Packaging can get you there.

From Concept to

Our team is made up of industry leaders who specialize in identifying and evaluating all sources of cost withing the packaging process. We reduce waste, optimize efficiency and add value to drive margin improvement.

Through engineering and design optimization, strategic sourcing implementation and waste elimination, our experts drive end-to-end savings for your supply chain.

Case Study

Learn how Adept reduced time and costs for a high volume manufacturer

  • Supported the procurement team in aggregation & validation of data from SAP via client's IT department
  • Grouped thousands of products into size categories that could utilize the same corrugate structure
  • Designed RFQ-ready corrugate drawings for product size grouping
  • Created user friendly corrugate drawing database to avoid the proliferation of new corrugate designs
  • Validated new drawing designs via ISTA testing protocols
  • Utilized RFQ responses to build a predictive pricing model for quicker pricing turnaround


  • Up to 10-25% cost reduction in logistics
  • Up to 15-20% material reduction
  • Up to 25-30% throughput increases
  • 40% or more labor and set up reduction
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