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Managing Packaging Resources: Contract Packaging Engineers

With the volatility packaging departments experience as a result of new product launches, updated regulations, or new company initiatives, finding and maintaining the right packaging resources is always a challenge.

Often as challenges arise, ranging from insufficient resources to limited skill set or time constraint, team leads will need to evaluate options to overcome their specific obstacles.  Often the resource needs will depend on the volume and expertise needed for a specific project, so hiring additional full-time associates isn’t an adequate solution. 

Most of the leading global companies in the Food, Beverage, CPG and Life Sciences industries are solving this problem in packaging by relying on the expertise and manpower of contract packaging engineers.  

By hiring contract employees for a defined duration, they are able to minimize risk, add resources when their internal teams are at maximum capacity, and hire based on the expertise needed per project.

Usually when hiring for a highly focused industry, such as packaging engineering, utilizing a company that specializes in packaging engineering, rather than a general staffing company, produces much better results.

Adept Talent, which is owned, operated and recruited by packaging engineers, is able to provide deep technical competence, an expansive global network and a pipeline of subject matter experts, which allows us to source the right candidate, quickly.  

Our global packaging pipeline has a diversity of skill sets designed to facilitate growth, spearhead new technology, enable compliance, and conquer complications throughout your packaging department.

If you’d like more information on leveraging contract packaging engineers to manage resource shortages and add flexibility, check out our white paper.

If your packaging department requires additional knowledge of packaging materials or business processes, our agile team can provide additional resources, specific expertise, or a complete packaging department, right when you need it.

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Adept Group Appoints Martin K. Till as Chief Executive Officer

We are excited to announce the appointment of Martin K. Till as Chief Executive Officer for Adept Group LLC.

Martin is a growth-oriented leader with over 30 years of leadership experience and business knowledge and a deep commercial background and focus on developing people and organizations. Originally from the UK, he began his career in the military, where he served as a Green Beret in the US Army.

After the service, Martin joined the business world on the commercial side of the newspaper business, enabling the transformation to one of the first large media companies by embracing digital content, with over 900 employees, 6 daily and 26 weekly newspapers and publications as well as the most visited websites in New Jersey and the Lehigh Valley.

Martin then expanded his professional experience by growing a number of diverse businesses. He serves as the Vice-chairman on the Board of The Lehigh Valley Health Network, which has grown to a $3 billion dollar regional healthcare network with 7 hospitals.

Over the past six months that Martin has been with the Adept Group, he has proven his strengths as a growth-oriented leader and continues to focus on developing our associates, our company and delivering excellence for our clients. Martin has shown his dedication to the values of Adept Group and continues to focus on growing the company through its most important resources, our people.

“I am excited for the privilege to lead such a passionate, driven team. My philosophy for success has always been to simply hire great people, surround them with the culture, tools and resources to be successful, then get out of the way. A huge thank you to the entire Adept Group for your ambition, your demand for excellence, and your unyielding drive to empower one another, not only as coworkers, but as human beings.” – Martin K. Till

We are excited to see the future development of our company and see Martin thrive in his new role.

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Advice from and for Women in Packaging Engineering

On a day like Women’s Equality Day, revisiting the gender imbalance in STEM career fields takes the spotlight here at Adept Packaging. Despite the movement to get more females involved in these important fields, there is still a tremendous gender gap. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, women represent fewer than 14% of the labor force for the architecture and engineering field. As a company built on the expertise and experience of engineers, Adept Packaging’s leadership team is comprised of 60% women, but that number drops to 35% when we look at the company as a whole. We’d love to close the gender gap further and fill some of our open positions with talented women entering the packaging engineering field. To support this action, we thought it might be beneficial for women considering this elite career to hear from our successful female engineers on what kind of advice they would offer to other women joining the packaging engineering field.  

Amy Schupbach- Packaging Engineer II

Ladies, if you have recently completed a degree in Packaging Engineering, you must always remember that YOU ARE AMAZING!  In a quick search on Google I was able to find several websites that listed Engineering as the most difficult college degree to obtain.
When you enter the workforce for your first Packaging Engineering job you need to keep in mind that you chose a very unique field when you decided to become a Packaging Engineer. Many of your colleagues might not have any idea about some of the basic Packaging Engineering concepts that you understand. Use every opportunity that you can to your advantage and teach those colleagues some of the things that you know about Packaging. The more that you share your unique expertise, opinions, and knowledge, the quicker those associates will see you as their “go-to” person for anything packaging related. Head out there and earn the respect that you deserve. Don’t be afraid to be bold!

Nicole Fick- Packaging Engineer II

There’s nothing wrong with being a boss. Own your opinions and leverage your knowledge to help drive positive change. Always fight for what you believe in and never let your past define you. You’ll be surprised what you can achieve if you’re willing to set goals and not only accept but enact change.

Jessica Southerland- Senior Manager, Packaging Development

Never let the engineering environment intimidate you. You provide insight and knowledge needed to make an impact on the future of packaging.  

Cindy Diamse- Director of Food, Beverage and CPG

Get your feet wet in everything.  In the packaging world, there are so many areas that you will be exposed to and may eventually want to focus on as you grow your career.  As part of your responsibilities, you may be asked to participate in design sessions, manage a line trial at a plant, create packaging specifications, research sustainable packaging, develop internal processes…and the list goes on!  Whether exciting or tedious, make sure you appreciate every experience, as it will only give you more data points in shaping the career you desire.  Also, don’t forget to build relationships along the way; some of them will last your career lifetime.

Jan Gates- Vice President Client Solutions

“Be patient” but remember the saying from Laurel Thatcher Ulrich: “Well behaved women seldom make history.”

Isabel Valero Iglesias- Program Manager

As a woman engineer, I would advise that you follow your instincts, study what you like and be aware of your unique capabilities.  Every single person has their own path an there is no way that you compare with others. Engineering is not only a technical career, is about strategic thinking, optimal solutions, innovation and having a holistic view of a problem, paired with tons of common sense and passion. Be unique!

If you’re just getting into engineering, or it’s something you haven’t made your mind up about yet, we’ve got some resources that might be able to help. Check out our resource library to see some of the kinds of projects our packaging engineers tackle. If you’re interested in learning in real-time, consider attending our monthly Learning Shares where a subject matter expert teaches the audience about a hot topic in the packaging world.

The packaging engineering field is lead by intelligent, driven, ambitious professionals that influence major brand packaging with their creativity and expertise. At Adept Packaging, we couldn’t be more thankful for the brilliant women who consistently raise the bar and lead our team to excellence.

If our award-winning culture seems like something you’d like to be a part of, check out our open positions.

Production line in pharmaceutical company

Cutting Packaging Costs: What Life Sciences Can Learn From Consumer Packaged Goods

Reducing costs of goods has long been a high priority in sectors of the consumer packaged goods (CPG) market, but there’s a lot the Life Sciences industry might be able to glean from the initiatives being enacted for cost savings in other industries. As such, David Foster, President of Adept Packaging put together a recently published article covering the different areas Life Sciences may be able to cut cost that they aren’t necessarily considering right now. Such areas include:

  • Components and Material Tactics
  • Printing
  • Material
  • Production
  • Strategic Cost Savings
  • Increasing Efficiency and Reducing Damage
  • Consolidation and Standardization
  • Design for Efficiency
  • Strategy Implementation
  • Packaging Ownership

While the need to reduce packaging costs in life sciences may never be as heavy a factor as it is in the CPG industry, the need to cut costs is always relevant and will continue to increase.  Increased generic drugs, consumer pressure on pricing, and the need to satisfy shareholders will drive a focus on packaging cost control.  As seen with other drivers, learning from first movers and applying those lessons is an easier way to meet these new objectives.  So why not examine the strategies used by CPG and see if they can be applied to help meet the pharmaceutical industry’s evolving goals and objectives?

Click here to read the full article.


Adept Packaging is APASS Certified

Adept Packaging has joined the Amazon Packaging Support and Supplier Network (APASS), a program to assist vendors, suppliers and manufacturers to reduce defective product deliveries, receive products ready to ship and eliminate unnecessary packaging waste.


Is Consulting Right for You?

Often in the headlines, companies compare independent contracting and full time employment on a technical basis, outlining risks and benefits of each job type, but never stop to consider what it is about independent contracting that moves people towards it, despite it being the riskier of the two options.