Closing the Circular Economy

The circular economy is the key to meeting challenging sustainability goals. Its success would mean that energy, resources and nutrients continue to bring value and are not wasted by being dumped, burned, or disposed of in other means. In the packaging world, there are a number of ways to close the circular economy.

Adept Packaging Loop Certification

Loop Certification

Leading packaging engineering services provider Adept Packaging is announcing its certification in the Terracycle Loop program. The certification enables Adept Packaging to provide services to Loop partners to help them develop packaging that withstands the rigors of the loop distribution environment and cleaning process.

3 Steps to Supply Chain Digitization

Three Steps to Supply Chain Digitization

In our recently released article, Driving supply chain value from Amazon Transparency, our chief commercial officer, Attilio Bellman suggested how to extract value from your end to end supply chain by implementing Amazon Transparency.

Driving supply chain value from Amazon Transparency

Driving supply chain value from Amazon Transparency

Every day, thousands of counterfeit goods are sold online. Selling counterfeit goods has increased over 10,000% in the last two decades.*1 These imposters can wreak havoc on brands, resulting in lost integrity and revenue, and in some cases pose risks to consumers.