Proposal Request

Work with the marketing team to create the proposals you need to drive results

The marketing team has developed a proposal request form to simplify the way we create proposals. Please fill out the form below.

Proposal Request Form #1

  • This text will go on the title page
  • Describe what this proposal is for
  • Who from the Adept Team should be involved in this proposal?
  • If it is we will include "About Adept Group", "Services & Capabilities", "Why Adept Group"
  • We will include a case study relevant to the proposal topic outlined in the executive summary
  • We will include a quote from a client relevant to your industry
  • Look at the images of these pages below. Choose the custom pages you'd like to include in the box below. Ctrl + Click to select multiple.

Proposal Request Form #2

  • 1-2 sentences
  • 2-3 sentences
  • Upload a detailed summary of the approach we are going to take to provide the solution. Include information on timeline, resources, and actions per step. Also include a detailed overview of the costs of the project.
    Max. file size: 300 MB.