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The Adept Group delivers best in class engineering, consulting, talent and digital solutions for the packaging world.

Packaging Engineering

Adept Packaging

Adept Packaging is the leading expert for packaging engineering and serialization, delivering best in class processes for packaging and supply chain management to optimize packaging functions for the Food, Beverage, CPG, Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Industries.


Adept Talent

Adept Talent identifies the best talent for the packaging industry. As the leading recruitment and placement firm in packaging, our packaging talent pipeline enables us to ensure you have the right talent, with the right expertise, right when you need it.


Partner in Residence

Our Partner in Residence program functions as your instant packaging engineering department. As your partner in residence, we provide a seasoned packaging professional that functions as part of your packaging team, with one caveat: they have a team of over 100 packaging engineers, with a combined 1,500 years of experience at their disposal. This program leverages expertise from subject matter experts in a multitude of areas, to eliminate any gaps in your packaging team.


Adept Labs

Adept Labs exists to ensure our engineers, our solutions and our clients are always ahead of the curve. In the lab, our team is developing new technologies, investigating new software, and leveraging our exceptional depth of expertise to create world class solutions tailored to meet and exceed our clients’ current and future needs.

Key Team Members

Chief Executive Officer

Martin Till

Martin has the privilege of running The Adept Group, with our great team of leaders.  He is driven by success, happiness, passion, integrity, hard work and being around great people (ok, and some good red wine)  His philosophy for success is simply: hire great people, surround them with the culture,  tools and resources to be successful, then get out of the way.  With over 15 years of CEO experience and serving for over 10 years as Vice-Chairman for a $3 billion healthcare network, Martin provides the strategic direction and vision for the future of The Adept Group.

Director of Marketing, Adept Group

Jessica Bargilione

Jess is involved in all things marketing for the Adept Group. She has a passion for learning, which is evidenced by her 4 degrees (education, psychology, design, marketing), all of which aligns with her belief that when you break it all down, it’s people* and the way that we move one another that matters most. When she’s not at work, you can find her on the softball field, hiking, traveling, absorbed in some artistic endeavor or with her nose buried in a book. 

*and puppies

President, Adept Labs

Prateek Lal

Prateek Lal is the visionary at Adept Packaging; founding the company in 2008 on the premise that talented, driven people who come together with a collective purpose and a clear vision can shape the future.  He spent the last 11 years creating a culture that puts people first, through emboldening their natural talents and giving them the tools they need for success.

Recruitment Director, Adept Group

Alicia Sinay

Alicia is a second-generation recruiter having been trained and mentored by some of the best in the business. She brings both her knowledge of recruiting with her experience in growing businesses (as well as an unused degree in Zoology) to the Adept Talent team. Having a firm belief in the quote “A candle loses nothing by lighting another,” she is excited to help the Adept Talent team continue to grow and prosper.

Vice President of Sales

Jared Spencer

Jared is responsible for all the sales and business development across The Adept Group. He believes in taking calculated risks and trying new approaches, but never losing focus on the client. With a degree in packaging engineering and a depth of experience in sales, Jared has filled many passports traveling around the world (sometimes to places he never knew existed) to meet with clients that he now calls friends.  Building relationships in and out of the work environment is key to a successful sale (let’s face it, the wine Martin drinks isn’t cheap).

When Jared is not at work, he enjoys spending his time with his four boys and very* patient wife skiing, hiking, and sailing.

*very, very

Director of Human Resources and Accounting

Kristen Beierlein

Kristen Beierlein is the Director of Human Resources and Accounting at Adept Group. She has 11 years of experience in plugging in numbers, beefing up benefits packages, building award winning culture and churning out spreadsheets.  She’s 1 part mom, 2 parts HR wizard and 1 part numbers geek who loves to help our organization thrive and grow.

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