Packaging Optimization

Packaging Optimization from Design Through Delivery

Adept Group’s team of packaging optimization specialists pair actionable intelligence with packaging design services and cost reduction strategies in the supply chain to identify opportunities for cost and quality improvements for both your packaging processes and designs.

Optimizing costs, maximizing quality and improving speed to market call for packaging strategies that ensure projects are managed efficiently, stakeholders remain informed about progress and results are repeatable. Iconic brands across all industries rely on Adept’s experts for package design, manufacturing process optimization and supply chain optimization.


Iconic Packaging Strategies

Our strategic, design-to-value approach involves conducting an analytical review of your packaging operations to evaluate current functional performance, needs and limitations. This enables a transparent view of your packaging and logistics, from which we identify actionable opportunities to minimize packaging and enable improvement through:
  • Packaging and logistics spend analysis
  • Optimization through package redesign and reengineering
  • Packaging weight reduction
  • Automated Packaging Systems
  • Validation and Qualification
  • Damage Remediation
  • Sustainability optimization

With this comprehensive portfolio of optimization opportunities, your team can decide which projects you’d like to execute or hand the reins over to our implementation team.


Packaging Design Process Optimization

Our discovery process for optimization includes evaluating your packaging processes and designs through both an operational and sustainable lens. This allows our experts to identify areas to improve productivity, quality, cost and sustainability. Example projects include:
  • Packaging redesign to improve productivity
  • Operational reorganization to improve efficiency and reduce waste
  • Automation of packaging systems
  • Sustainable packaging design
  • Design for packaging reuse

Design-to-Value Experts

Our value optimization team has a track record of delivering millions of dollars in savings with the added benefit of execution continuity. Through actionable insights identified through our operational strategy development, we help our clients increase speed to market, reduce risk, mitigate costs, optimize processes and improve the quality of your packaging. We have experts in:
  • Prototyping
  • Validation and testing
  • Packaging engineering optimization
  • Packaging design
  • Packaging process optimization
  • Specification management and harmonization
  • Supply chain optimization
  • Quality remediation
  • SKU rationalization/consolidation

Providing Cost Optimization Solutions to Iconic Brands

Our packaging optimization work creates significant cost savings for brands in diverse industries. Recent pallet and packaging SKU optimization projects for a growing CPG brand created $1.8 million in annual savings and our work with a Fortune 500 CPG brand drove $6.23 million in annual savings by identifying alternative packaging suppliers and qualifying a third-party manufacturer.

We were able to save a beverage brand $150,000 by reducing closure weight across its carbonated soft drink portfolio and save a manufacturer of e-bikes an estimated $1 million by reducing overall package size and product damage rates through an optimization project. We helped another CPG brand convert to vacuum-sealed packaging that enabled more product per shipment, saving them $1 million as well. Our broad range of product and industry experience across our nationwide team of packaging experts allows us to collaborate and identify opportunities for significant optimization and savings that others have missed.


Cost Savings + Sustainability

With the ever-present priority of keeping costs in check and the increasing importance of packaging sustainability, brands need to perform a careful balancing act. The good news, however, is that many of the same packaging decisions used to design for sustainability double as opportunities for cost savings.

Redesigning for better material efficiency and packaging weight reduction, for example, saves on material costs and also reduces the need for raw material extraction, along with the amount of packaging material sent to landfills. Optimizing packaging to fit more product on a pallet allows more product on each truck, reducing both the fuel cost and carbon emissions created by shipping. There are countless ways to optimize consumer packaging with mutual benefits to cost and sustainability, and Adept’s expert team can help you identify the opportunities that work best for your products.

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