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Whether you require packaging engineering services for a new product, want to rework an existing design or need to remediate packaging quality issues, our package engineering experts have the experience to tailor custom packaging solutions from concept through commercialization to meet your product’s needs.

Adept Group brings unique value to packaging development projects through our diverse network of experts with experience in commercial packaging for CPG, food & beverage and life science products as well as industrial packaging solutions. Our team consists of subject matter experts in more than 60 specialized areas of packaging expertise, which allows us to leverage our internal network to ensure we produce innovative packaging solutions optimized on all fronts.

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Our Process

Adept’s approach to packaging engineering begins with a thorough project plan developed cooperatively with our clients. We build out a Project Brief to ensure expectations are aligned across all stakeholders, including balancing project workload to clearly identify agreed-upon deliverables for both the client team and our team. Outputs of the project planning phase also include Project Management documentation, including reporting content and frequency as well as meeting requirements and frequency.

The phase focused on design and packaging development begins by establishing packaging development guidelines to ensure the engineered packaging solutions meet the requirements outlined in the Project Brief, holding conversation with client stakeholders to build alignment around equipment requirements for new packaging system and creating preliminary component specifications. With those elements in place, the design phase continues with ideation to generate innovative packaging solution concepts that meet project requirements and a design review with stakeholders to narrow those options down to the most promising concept or concepts.

With this small number of viable solutions in place, the next phase focuses on packaging validation and qualification. Through testing and packaging trials, Adepts engineers ensure the selected concepts meet regulatory requirements and the project’s goals and share the testing data in a Qualification Report, along with a recommendation for the final packaging concept based on design that performs best.

Once the project team aligns on the final packaging design, the project moves into an implementation phase. Here, Adept’s packaging engineers create standard operating procedures to and packaging quality procedures to ensure ongoing consistency in the production of packaging components and the packaging process for products. The Adept project will also detail final packaging specifications so the client can commission suppliers, other vendors and in-house packaging teams to create components and initiate commercialization of the packaging solution.

Adept’s support for packaging teams can continue after the implementation and commercialization phase through ongoing support to maintain quality standards. This can include ongoing packaging validation activities and period reviews to ensure packaging efficiency, along with additional quality management activities to solve issues that may arise during ongoing processes.

Types of Projects

This general approach to projects can be tailored to meet the unique packaging needs of clients in different industries. For industries where packaging sustainability is a priority, all packaging decisions can be viewed through the lens of solutions that produce the best sustainability outcomes via material selection and packaging logistics. 

For highly regulated industries such as food & beverage and the life sciences, Adept’s expert team can give careful consideration to regulatory requirements for not only the packaging design, but also testing and documentation. In industries where margins are slim and costs need to be carefully controlled, solutions can be tailored to ensure both material sourcing and the overall packaging strategy solve the projects requirements and lowest possible cost.

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Whether you need specific subject matter expertise, additional resources to manage fluctuating packaging priorities or an entire team to meet your packaging needs, Adept group can provide solutions to match the unique needs of clients in all industries.

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