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Today’s fast-paced business environment can place heavy demands on a packaging department. Packaging engineers need to work against ongoing priorities such as optimizing packaging costs, creating more sustainable packaging solutions, and keeping up with ever-changing regulations and evolving technologies. The best way to ensure your brand can meet these challenges is to have the right team in place – and access to temporary, flexible packaging resources when you need them.

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Investing in a strong, versatile packaging function can save brands large amounts of money over time by enabling efficiency and ensuring high quality for the packaging that protects your product as it moves through the distribution environment. Experienced staff packaging engineers understand the needs of your product and the hazards it may face as it moves from the packaging line to the end user, providing solutions that ensure the product arrives in good condition.

When building and hiring for a packaging team, the cost of a bad hire is far greater than the cost of taking the time to ensure you find engineer talent with the right skills and experience for the job. For this reason, leveraging packaging recruiters who understand what you need is crucial to your success. Recruiters with broader skills that might be useful for hiring executives or other functions within your business may not fully understand the specialized expertise that leads to a strong packaging department. To ensure you find the right fit for your packaging needs, it can be beneficial to work with specialized packaging recruiters for your direct-hire staffing needs.

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Contract Packaging Engineers

Even with a great packaging team in place, there are times when project needs may exceed the teams capabilities – either because their aren’t enough man-hours balance the number of project priorities in place or because your team does not have the specific expertise to efficiently solve certain packaging challenges. In these situations, flexible, temporary packaging engineer resources can provide extra hands or specific skills that help you solve your most pressing packaging needs. Contract packaging engineers bring the experience and skills to meet these challenges head-on and, when backed by a reputable packaging engineering staffing agency, come with a network of diverse professionals that provide fresh insights into novel packaging challenges.

Outsourcing Packaging Engineers Can Provide:

  • Additional Temporary Team Capabiilties - Quickly! 
  • Specialized Expertise on an Array of Engineering Challenges.
  • A Network of Diverse Professionals to Lean on. 

All with less risk than hiring new employees to meet short-term priorities!

Contract to Hire Staffing Solutions

Outsourced packaging engineers serve as temporary resources when you need them most without the cost of taking on full-time hires to meet short-term priorities. These flexible engineering staffing solutions can meet your brands needs, whether you’re an up and coming brand that needs a full outsourced packaging team or a more established brand interested in a contract-to-hire staffing solution for the right candidate.

To minimize the costs of a prolonged and inefficient candidate search for your packaging engineering staffing needs, consider contracting an outside recruiter that knows the packaging industry. Adept Group’s specialized recruiting team has a background in engineering, so they’re familiar with the array of projects, skillsets and unique challenges encountered within the industry. They have a vetted pipeline of candidates with a diversity of expertise, which allows them to provide a concise pool of qualified candidates quickly, significantly increasing the likelihood of a successful placement.

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Whether you need help recruiting to fill a permanent position, specific project expertise for a defined duration, or assistance building your packaging team, we can provide the resources you need. Get in touch with our team to learn more about why top companies in the CPG, food & beverage, industrial/hard goods and life science industries trust Adept to find the right talent to meet their packaging needs.

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