About Adept Group

We Extend Sustainable Thinking Beyond Packaging 

Adept Group is a special place to work; driven, inspirational and most importantly, human. We infuse who we are into everything we do. We offer a flexible, collaborative environment that embraces diversity, celebrates achievement, thrives on challenge and actively seeks out opportunities to invest in our clients, our communities and one another.

We are inspired every day by our mission to build a new model for our profession; one that creates more sustainable work engagements for our people and clients and a more sustainable environment for our future.  


The Adept Pledge

In order to turn our values into action, Adept associates have taken the Adept Pledge. The Adept Pledge commits pledgees to participating in activities to improve the lives our associates, the health of our team and the environments we live in.

Improving our impact on the environment 

Adept’s commitment to being a catalyst for a healthier environment is reflected in our associates’ participation in events such as community cleanups, our work to improve packaging sustainability for our clients and our partnership with OneTreePlanted. For each new project, we’ve committed to donating a percentage of our profit to help offset our carbon footprint through planting trees in forests that the United States Forest Service needs them most.

Improving the lives of the people within our communities 

Part of the Adept Pledge requires pledgees to contribute to bettering the lives of themselves and the people around them through initiatives such as: volunteering at shelters, holding food drives, contributing to Veterans' assistance, attending equity, diversity and inclusion training and tutoring & mentoring. 

Promoting the health and well-being of our associates

Health is in the spotlight more than ever, and we want to keep it that way. The third pillar of our pledge requires pledgees to engage in activities to promote their health such as: virtual 5k, cooking night, trivia, walking meetings and mental wellbeing training. 

Inclusivity Matters

Minority-owned and Led Business

As a minority-owned and led business, an inclusive workplace that welcomes team members of diverse backgrounds, cultures, experiences, beliefs and identities is critical to us. From the top down, Adept Group is committed to honoring and celebrating the unique perspectives and contributions of each member of our team.

Company Milestones

Over a decade ago, Adept Group was created to present companies with a new business model to help increase their access to a diversity of expertise, improve their ability to manage work fluctuations and successfully achieve their goals.


Engagement Models

We know that our clients need flexible solutions to solve their most complex packaging challenges, so we’ve developed 3 different types of engagement models to meet your needs. Whether you need additional manpower, specific expertise, optimization specialists or an entire packaging team, Adept Group has you covered.


Staffing the Top Talent in the Packaging World

Adept is the leading specialist staffing agency for any of your packaging-related needs. Our staffing team is led by engineers who understand your packaging challenges and the skills required to tackle them. We pride ourselves on enabling client success by delivering the most vital resource: people.

While packaging is at our core, we’ve assembled a multi-disciplinary team with a diversity of backgrounds to ensure we have the right expertise to quickly identify, strategize, source and solve even the most complex challenges.

We work with the most iconic brands in the Food & Beverage, CPG, Pharmaceutical and Medical Device industries to facilitate growth, leverage new technology, optimize value, ensure compliance and conquer challenges throughout their packaging departments.


Expertise to Solve Your Most Complex Challenges

With a range of expertise that covers more than 60 specialized areas, our team is the go-to resource for specific project needs. We provide the most iconic brands across many industries with expertise in:

Value Optimization 

Optimization From Design Through Delivery

Our team of optimization specialists pair actionable intelligence with engineering and design solutions to identify opportunities for cost and quality improvements for both your packaging processes and designs.    

Value Optimization

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Adept Packaging is a special place to work; driven, inspirational and most importantly, human. We infuse who we are into everything we do.