Learning Shares

Each month we partner with subject matter experts to offer a deep dive webinar into one of the latest trends or advances in the packaging industry.

Learning Shares

Each month we partner with subject matter experts to offer a deep dive webinar into one of the latest trends or advances in the packaging industry.

With the ever-changing nature of the packaging industry: regulations, technological advances and top trends are constantly evolving, we at Adept Packaging make it our mission to stay at the forefront of all things packaging. Our team of experts offer our clients the most up-to-date solutions and information. One of the ways we keep our associates and clients up to date is through the our monthly Learning Shares where we share industry leading practices, discuss industry trends, and inform about the latest technology for packaging.

Each month, a subject matter expert is leveraged to educate attendees through a live monthly webinar designed to keep packaging professionals informed and up-to-date on the world of packaging and serialization. Topics range widely but include information for everyone, from the most seasoned packaging expert, to those in other functions looking to broaden their knowledge.

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Why Attend?

Sign up for our Learning Shares to stay ahead of the curve and become better informed on:

  • The latest trends in packaging technology
  • Regulatory releases; to ensure your packaging meets ever-changing requirements
  • Anti-counterfeiting technologies; to increase the security of your packaging and reduce risk
  • The latest packaging innovations and how they can be applied to your packaging

Upcoming Learning Shares:

  • October: The Possibilities and Limitations of LCAs
  • November: Packaging’s Impact on the Supply Chain
  • December: Foam Replacement Options

Watch our latest Learning Shares


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Aug 2021 - Blockchain and Packaging


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June 2021 - Identifying Sources of Damage in the Supply Chain


May 2021 - Sustainable Paper Packaging Trends for the Food Industry


April 2021 - Value of a Sustainability Audit


March 2021 - Packaging Damage Reduction for Cost Savings


February 2021 - Cost Savings Through SKU Rationalization Learning Share


January 2021 - Tips for Installing Your Own Packaging Machinery


December 2020- Building a PackDev CoE Learning Share


November 2020- Multi-Axis Distribution Testing Learning Share


October 2020- What Serialization Can Do for a Brand


September 2020- Post-COVID Trends in Packaging


August 2020- Single Parcel Distribution Testing


July 2020- Sustainability Post Covid- Sustainable Innovations


June 2020- Critical elements of a successful reusable packaging program


May 2020- Sustainability and Cost Savings in the time of COVID19


April 2020- Hiring in the age of COVID 19


March 2020- Considerations For Implementing 2D Data Matrix Codes


February 2020 - Benefits of Using a Recruiter


January 2020 - Traceability for FB&CPG


December 2019 - Cost Savings Beyond Sourcing - Corrugated


November 2019 - Interview Guide For Packaging Engineers


October 2019 - Compostable Packaging


September 2019 - Overall Equipment Effectiveness


Innovation in Sustainability


Amazon APASS and eCommerce Packaging


ISO 11607 – 1 & 2 Packaging for Terminally Sterilized Medical Devices


ISO 11607 Part II - The New 2019 Revisions and Future Challenges


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