Adept Packaging Selected as TraceLink Partner

Increasing serialization competence and communication with supply chain systems throughout the world


Adept Packaging has been deftly working with TraceLink for years, applying our unique blend of skills and expertise to integrate their software solutions for our clients. The TraceLink Life Sciences Cloud connects over 250,000 trading partners and over 2 billion units of medicine, aligning everyone at every step of the supply chain. The TraceLink solution allows different industries and countries to interact and share information seamlessly for a safer, more transparent world. Recently, Adept Packaging’s proven skills and years of experience were recognized as TraceLink named us an official partner.


As a certified TraceLink partner, Adept will receive exclusive partner trainings, early exposure to new product development and access to TraceLink resources that will keep us on the cutting edge of their technology. In addition, the partnership is mutually beneficial—TraceLink can look forward to tapping Adept Packaging’s expertise with the realities of packaging lines, distribution centers and manufacturing environments in a wide variety of industries.


We look forward to applying our years of experience in serialization, track and trace, and system integration to serve our common clients. Click here to learn more about Adept Packaging’s partnership with TraceLink.


For more information on how Adept Packaging is engineering serialization excellence,

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