New Year, New Job: What’s it like to work at Adept Group?

January 11,2023 Category: Culture, Staffing
The new year is a great opportunity to land a new role. Hiring managers have their budgets and goals set for the calendar year and many candidates look to make major changes, such as a career move, at the beginning of the year. This confluence of factors makes Q1 one of the most popular times of the year for hiring.

As most job seekers know, not every job at every company will be a good fit. The most satisfying new roles are ones that provide challenges and development opportunities that align with the job seeker’s career goals and a company culture that aligns with their values and work style. Packaging engineering is a diverse field of work with many opportunities to specialize for professionals with unique interests and experience. For those looking to capitalize on a Q1 hiring wave and land a new role, there are a variety of factors to keep in mind.

What to Look For

Many people seek a new position when they feel prepared to advance to a more senior role, but don’t have the opportunity to do so within their current organization. For packaging engineers in earlier phases of their career, this might mean they have a track record of successfully executing the more hands-on tasks at the heart of larger engineering projects and they’ve developed a solid foundation of project management skills. They should look for roles that provide opportunities to lead multiple projects from start to finish and leverage their experience with both execution and management while developing subject matter expertise.

More established packaging pros may have already mastered leading the execution and management of projects. These experienced engineers should look for more senior roles that provide the challenge of more complex projects involving global initiatives or broad organizational changes, along with opportunities to leverage their subject matter expertise.

Opportunities for advancement aren’t the only reason people seek new roles. Others may look for a new position that allows them to specialize in a chosen area of expertise. The packaging landscape features roles for people who are passionate about specialties such as sustainability, cost optimization, design, regulatory compliance and many others. Roles in different industries, such as the life sciences or food & beverage, provide opportunities for packaging pros with specific knowledge, skills and experience.

Still others may seek new opportunities because they value workplace flexibility that allows them to tailor their schedule around family needs, hobbies or other passions in their life outside of work. Packaging pros who have demonstrated an ability to execute on projects with little oversight may look for roles that provide flexibility in terms of working hours or location – namely opportunities to work remotely when they’re not needed on site.

For those who seek even more flexibility, including choosing the types of projects they take on and their weekly schedule, a consulting or contract role might be the right fit. For packaging pros who value independence and choice, a contract role may provide flexibility to balance work with other life priorities.

Why Adept Group May Be a Great Fit

Since 2008, Adept Group has provided best-in-class packaging design, development and engineering services for leading brands and promising startups in a variety of industries. Our team features experts in more than 60 packaging specialties and with experience across the CPG, food & beverage, life science and industrial goods industries.

Adept has been named one of the top workplaces in Pennsylvania on several occasions, including in 2022, and while we’re headquartered in Allentown, Pa., our team includes a nation-wide network of packaging professionals who enjoy the opportunity to work in hybrid roles that allow them to choose where they work when they don’t physically need to be in client facilities. That workplace flexibility extends to our team’s working hours, as team members can choose options such as 10-hour days for a four-day workweek or part-time contracting roles.

Beyond workplace flexibility, Adept is committed to training and development of our team members. We offer mentorship opportunities that connect our most experienced engineers with our rising talent. We also offer opportunities for leadership training, project management (PMP) training and other certifications that help packaging pros advance their skills. Adept hosts monthly internal trainings where team members share their expertise or unique project experience with the group and monthly Learning Share webinars, where our team shares its expertise with both in-house and external audiences.

Adept Group also offers a variety of perks and benefits, including our end-of-year recharge period where our team enjoys a break that extends from the Christmas holiday through the New Year holiday. Adept team members have quarterly allotments for volunteer hours and training hours, each with bonuses for fully utilizing this time as well as bonuses for referring new team members and new business opportunities.

Make 2023 Your Year

Every day, Adept Group is developing and expanding its knowledge and expertise in the world of packaging. We’re eager to find more exceptional packaging professionals to join our growing team.

Whether you seek opportunities for advancement, a more flexible work environment or a company that’s as committed to your training and growth as you are, you can find a role that suits your needs. If you are thinking of making a change in 2023, check out our open positions to see if we’re currently hiring for a role that would benefit from your skills and experience. If you don’t see the specific opportunity you’re looking, get in touch to share your resume and career interests so we can work together when the right fit opens up.