Sustainability in Healthcare Packaging

April 28,2023 Category: Sustainability
The shift towards sustainability has been a long-time conversation for professionals in the packaging space. While brands in the CPG and food & beverage sectors have traditionally led the way in new sustainable solutions that make packaging more environmentally friendly and reduce a brand’s carbon footprint, brands in the life sciences can’t afford to lag behind forever. Pressure from regulators and corporate responsibility goals will push pharmaceutical, medical device and cell/gene therapy companies to strike a careful balance meeting sustainability demands and maintaining product safety and regulatory compliance.

Beyond these demands, advancing sustainability initiatives is an important step in remaining competitive, as the biggest brands in life science industries set aggressive sustainability goals for the coming years. There is space for life science packaging teams to assume a role among sustainability leaders, and our white paper on the topic covers the key drivers behind the shift, the unique challenges facing packaging departments in the life sciences and first steps brands can take to become leaders in packaging sustainability.


If you’re looking for help evaluating your options and identifying opportunities to make packaging more sustainable, get in touch. Adept Group has experts who understand the requirements for the heavily regulated life science industries and the options for improving packaging sustainability within that framework.