The Steps of a Packaging Audit

October 29,2021 Category: Sustainability

A Packaging Audit is a review of a company’s packaging to determine if a package or range of packaging meets new criteria as set forth by the company. The process includes an evaluation of many aspects of the company’s packaging process, including primary, secondary and tertiary packaging, to determine if it can be improved to better protect a product, save on costs, enhance sustainability or a combination of several potential improvements.

A Packaging audit is typically conducted when a company suspects that the current packaging for one or multiple products needs to be revisited due to new regulations, sustainability or cost savings aspirations, quality remediation or a change to packaging materials. In order to successfully conduct a packaging audit, which will lead to actionable steps to achieve a unique goal, the process includes several steps.


The results of a successful packaging audit can provide a roadmap for future packaging decisions.

Leveraging an external resource to complete your packaging audit comes with several benefits. In addition to providing objective results, many consultancies have an agnostic relationship with suppliers and materials, which allows for a wider array of packaging options and recommendations that you can trust are in your brand’s best interest.

If you think a packaging audit may be right for your brand and you’re interested in discussing how it would help with your unique packaging challenges, get in touch.