Looking to optimize your packaging or reduce risk throughout your supply chain, develop a new packaging line or source a professional with specific expertiseAdept Packaging can get you there.


Looking to optimize your packaging or reduce risk throughout your supply chain, develop a new packaging line or source a professional with specific expertiseAdept Packaging can get you there.

Regulatory Expertise

We understand how imperative it is for your company to keep up to date with legislation and regulations, and to ensure they are understood. Our industry experts help you ensure compliance with the ever-changing policies of regulatory bodies like the FDA and DSCSA, whose rules and regulations have a significant impact on the life sciences and food and beverage industries.

Leading brands trust us to provide expert advice about updates and compliance to:

  • ISO 11607: 2019 Packaging for terminally sterilized medical devices
  • Food Safety Modernization Act
  • ASTM voluntary consensus standards
  • FDA packaging related regulations
  • International Organization for Standardization (ISO) packaging standards
  • EU Tethered Bottle Caps Regulation (2024)


Adept Packaging experts support initiatives from concept generation through strategy deployment. We provide subject matter experts in areas, including use of recycled materials, transit efficiency, and development of returnable packaging.

Through our extensive network of suppliers, we can help companies meet their sourcing initiatives and increase their circular economy, while meeting their aggressive sustainability goals.

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Adept Packaging is certified to provide sustainable packaging solutions to Loop partners to help them develop packaging that withstands the rigors of the loop distribution environment and cleaning process.

Serialization and Traceability

Driving successful serialization and traceability programs for your supply chain.

Cold Chain

Our experts in life sciences and food and beverage industries develop packaging and supply chains solutions to eliminate temperature excursions in your distribution environment. We have experience with pre-qualified parcels, refrigerants, insulation materials and data logging. We design innovative and cost-effective solutions that deliver your products in a safe, cost efficient and uncompromised condition.

Cold Chain


Adept Packaging experts help design packaging to maximum impact in online environments and to withstand the increased rigors of a distribution environment that involves multiple changes of package ownership. Our distribution experts ensure that the distribution environment is accurately defined, and simulation tests are developed that represent the actual environment. Many leading brands that sell on Amazon trust us to design their Frustration Free Packaging, Ships-in-Own-Container and Prep-Free Packaging to ensure it meets Amazon’s Frustration Free Packaging criteria.


Amazon Packaging Support and Supplier Network (APASS)

With Amazon’s dynamic approach to sustainable, consumer-approved packaging, they’ve recently created a 3-tier support and supplier network system to assist vendors, suppliers and manufacturers to reduce defective product deliveries, receive products ready to ship and eliminate unnecessary packaging waste. Each packaged product will be categorized and certified as Frustration-Free Packaging (FFP), Ships-in-own Container (SIOC), or Prep-Free Packaging (PFP).

Why Adept?

As an APASS member, Adept Packaging is a one-stop solution for Amazon packaging compliance. Working side-by-side with some of the major ecommerce retailers, we’ve designed packaging for the most complex, custom supply chains.
As a participant in the Amazon Packaging Support and Supplier Network, Adept Packaging provides the full range of APASS services directly to vendors, sellers and manufacturers. With over 100 packaging engineers, employees who sit on the regulatory committees of ISTA and ASTM and an extensive supplier network, our knowledge of material sourcing, packaging formats, packaging engineering, design and testing ensures an expedited approach to compliance. With our agile approach to package testing and redesign, our global team is positioned to get your packaging certified fast.

Amazon Packaging Support and Supplier Network (APASS)

Smart Packaging

We work with leading industry partners to develop passive, active, and connected packaging. Solutions include oxygen barriers, tamper evident features, and marketing initiatives. Adept Packaging experts also provide guidance on new technologies and how the Internet of Things (IoT) can be leveraged to meet your long-term business objectives.

Specification Project Management

Often, through growth and acquisition, companies lose the ability to execute strategic initiatives such as supply mitigation and standardization because their packaging specifications are inadequate. When this occurs, leading brands trust Adept to create a harmonized specification system to ensure that packaging specifications have the correct performance-based information, and test methods are standardized across the organization. We have the capability to harmonize documents for global organizations. Using harmonized specifications, including minimum performance standards allows companies to meet strategic goals and objectives.

Recruiting and Staffing

Adept Talent identifies the best talent for the packaging industry. As the leading recruitment and placement firm in packaging, our packaging talent pipeline enables us to ensure you have the right talent, with the right expertise, right when you need it.


Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Companies that have implemented serialization have noted that efficiency losses of up to 20% are connected to the additional complexity due to new operations, processes and automation/IT systems. OEE declines can be circumvented with proper operations management and business processes redesign and optimization. ​

Even without serialization implementation, our experts have found that most company’s OEE score is lower than expected. ​

Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Our Serialization experts have deep expertise surrounding these systems and machines and can be leveraged to conduct a comprehensive assessment of your packaging processes, from machines, procedures, materials, automation, to IT systems. Through the optimization of critical areas of the packaging line, your OEE will increase often beyond the level it was at pre-serialization.

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