Smart Packaging: Going from Mind to Market

Prateek Lal, Founder and CEO of Adept Packaging, will be presenting an innovative and insightful discussion at this year’s Active & Intelligent Summit Americas on how brands can use smart packaging to enhance their customer experience.   Smart Packaging technologies are revolutionizing the way we dress and deliver both digital and physical products. The industry […]

Ensuring a More Authentic World: Our Top 3 Takeaways from the IACC Conference

This year’s International AntiCounterfeiting Coalition Conference was even more informative and engaging than we anticipated. This conference, attended widely by representatives from all over the world, had a decidedly focused feel. Everyone came away with a spirit of collaboration and determination that was heartening to witness. Discussions ranged from remarkable technological innovations and interesting methods […]

Top 5 Benefits of Conducting a Channel Audit:

As the complexity of retail environment competitive landscape accelerates, a much more effective audit is emerging. Companies have generally conducted audits to evaluate their own products and compare their products to the competition at a high level. Packaging professionals are bringing a new level of expertise to these retail channel audits, which allow for more […]

Adept Packaging Selected as TraceLink Partner

Increasing serialization competence and communication with supply chain systems throughout the world   Adept Packaging has been deftly working with TraceLink for years, applying our unique blend of skills and expertise to integrate their software solutions for our clients. The TraceLink Life Sciences Cloud connects over 250,000 trading partners and over 2 billion units of […]