Cell and Gene Therapy

Cell and Gene Therapy: Critical Considerations for Packaging and Delivery

An article by Adept Packaging’s gene therapy packaging expert, Faryar Tavakoli, was recently published in Cell & Gene online. In this article, Faryar explores the critical considerations for packaging and delivery of gene and cell therapy.

With therapies that are changing the face of healthcare, there’s no wonder that there are currently over 900 gene and cell therapy clinical trials in progress worldwide. With the growing number of these studies paired with the sensitive nature of the products,  maintaining a seamless supply chain that accounts for both the temperature-sensitivity and their circular (“vein-to-vein”) supply chain of these products is critical.

In this article, Faryar examines four areas which require critical consideration to ensure safe delivery of these products to patients:

  • Packaging engineering
  • Hazardous material qualification
  • Cold chain
  • Chain of identity- traceability

Check out the article to gain some valuable insight into each of these areas to ensure your Gene Therapy packaging can deliver these life-altering products safely and securely.

Creating a gene therapy packaging program is a complex process. It’s more than regulations: successful packaging has to overcome several hurdles in an ever-changing, often chaotic environment. Adept Packaging can help.

Contact a specialist today to learn more about how to enable your gene therapy packaging program to reduce risk and allow your team to get on with saving lives.

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