Making sense of Smart Packaging

Making Sense of Smart Packaging: Our Top 3 Takeaways from AIPIA, the Leading Industry Conference on Smart Packaging

This year’s Active & Intelligent Packaging Summit Americas brought together a diverse group of companies that spent two days sharing innovations and solving problems together. The conference, which revolved around the theme “Disruptive Packaging Technologies for Enhanced Brand Experience,” featured a range of thought leaders and professionals who were all willing to share their expertise to enhance the awareness of intelligent packaging. We collaborated on a wide range of existing issues that can be solved with the capabilities of smart packaging. The value we took away from AIPIA was vast, but here are our three biggest takeaways:

  • Substance beats surface. AIPIA was an intimate conference attended by many of the key players within the smart packaging industry. Conversations ranged from software and technology to hardware and highlighted concrete ways we can utilize intelligent packaging. The focused feel of this event triggered a buzz that goes unrivaled so far this year. Services, products, educational offerings, and networking opportunities were all relevant and productive, providing both inspiration and insight. Key insight: look beyond the flashy demos and understand the basics of smart packaging technology before selecting your partners.
  • Consumer engagement sparks excitement. When it comes to generating enthusiasm about a piece of technology, nothing beats a live demonstration. The Bayer Innovation Challenge allowed presenters to showcase concrete devices with real world applications. Interactive artificial intelligences and virtual augmentation were just a couple of the ways vendors generated consumer engagement and got sponsors and attendees alike brainstorming together about smart packaging and how much it can add to any brand experience. Key insight: Smart Packaging offers a new world of possibilities to more meaningfully engage your consumers.
  • Concrete value of smart packaging was brought to the table. The conversation surrounding smart packaging still largely revolves around intelligent packaging and consumer engagement as a trendy technology. Smart packaging is so much more than a superficial fad to be tacked on as an embellishment to a product. The transformational business value lies in driving big data analytics as part of a company’s digital transformation. AIPIA served as a platform for showcasing industry leaders who have found ways to spread awareness of the deeper benefits that can positively impact everyday life. Key Insight: Smart packaging has a pivotal role in the digital transformation of brand owners.

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