Efficient Packaging Designed for Your Distribution Environment

Optimized e-commerce packaging helps to establish your brand identity while minimizing shipping costs and ensuring product protection. Our e-commerce experts design packaging to withstand the increased rigors of a distribution environment that includes additional touch points during last-mile delivery. 

Our team has extensive experience designing, validating and qualifying e-commerce packaging and logistics to ensure your product's integrity and enhance customer experience.

Whether developing new packaging for e-commerce, redesigning to reduce damage or identifying and remediating packaging issues, our e-commerce experts throughly review your distribution environment and engineer packaging to survive its rigors. 



Amazon Support and Supplier Network

As an APASS member, Adept Group is a one-stop solution for Amazon packaging compliance. Working side-by-side with major ecommerce retailers, we've designed packaging for the most complex, custom supply chains. 

Let us help you reduce your packaging waste and get your packaging certified today. 

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