Serialization and Traceability for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Driving successful serialization and traceability programs for your supply chain

Serialization and Traceability for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Driving successful serialization and traceability programs for your supply chain

Serialization and traceability are a complex reality for the Pharmaceutical industry since the DSCSA released initial requirements in 2013. As standards and regulations continue to evolve and expand, many countries’ deadlines are quickly approaching.

Companies that have implemented serialization are now feeling the impact: noticing increased error rates on their packaging lines, reduced operational effectiveness and diminished overall efficiency. Our digital team can help.

Whether you’re launching a new product, need to adhere to serialization mandates across the globe, or are experiencing efficiency reductions, our global digital team of experts can provide you with the best solution for your needs. The Adept Digital team has hands on experience digitizing more than 10,000 SKU’s for some of the most iconic brands in the Pharmaceutical industry.

What Adept Offers

The benefits of working with our digital team extend beyond that of regulatory compliance. We have experts in:


Our digital team will leverage their expertise and experience throughout the entire scope of the project to ensure your program is implemented right the first time.

Strategy Deveopment

Strategy Development

  • Identify goals
  • Leverage best in class processes, tools, technologies and templates
  • Develop project architecture
  • Detailed project planning
  • Determine resource allocation

Technical Assessment

Technical assessment

  • Packaging lines assessment (machinery, efficiency)
  • Packaging materials assessment (technical specs, drawings, artwork)
  • Constraints identification
  • Determine best solution to meet company objectives
  • Proof of Concepts

Vendor Management

Vendor Management

  • Vendor selection process
  • Design process support
  • Design review
  • Governance (budget management, action tracking, muti-vendor management and interfacing)



  • Manage hardware and software integration into existing landscape
  • Comprehensive training program for all levels of management to users.
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Qualification and Validation
  • Systems and Machines Configuration
  • IT Data Management


Program Optimization

  • Assess and improve operating efficiency
  • Business Process reengineering
  • Maintain or improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Traceability Workshop

Adept provides customized training to get your organization up to speed with all aspects of serialization and traceability, such as:

Adept MDLP Demo

Bridging the Gap to Russian Serialization Compliance

Most of the large IT providers will not be fully compliant with these new requirements by the 2020 deadline. Is your company at risk?

The extension of Russian Serialization deadline requires that companies achieve compliance by July 2020. As most of the large IT providers are not yet fully compliant with all these requirements, companies are finding themselves at risk.

In order to bridge the gap between your current IT provider and Russian compliance, we’ve developed Adept MDLP. The Adept MDLP solution will supplement any of the reports that will not be ready on time with your main IT provider. Once the reports you need are identified, the Adept Digital team will develop Russian-compliant XML files to be uploaded to the MDLP hub. Our serialization experts paired with our customizable solution offer a time sensitive way to ensure the Russian requirements will not pose a risk to your compliance.

"Adept Packaging resources helped CordenPharma to shape the program, manage projects, handle vendors, maintain artwork/product changes and gain access to their expertise in serialization, GS1, EPCIS, market regulations and pharma standards."
Mario Scigliano
Serialization and Drug Product Maintenance Manger, CordenPharma Latina
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