Smart Packaging Workshop

Look Through the Hype to Understand the Potential of Smart Packaging for your Product

The Adept Packaging Smart Packaging Workshop will provide participants with an introduction to the available technologies, support mechanisms and possible constraints for the usage of Smart Packaging to address business issues. We will share real-life examples of where Smart Packaging is already transforming customer experience, operations and business models. In an interactive session, the trainer will facilitate an open discussion among participants and will guide them to construct a company roadmap to gain a strategic advantage from Smart Packaging.

How will your organization benefit?

  • Get your resources up-to-date on smart packaging concepts and technologies
  • Engage your resources in a team discussion on smart packaging for business value
  • Receive a report of possible uses of smart packaging within your supply chain
  • Make smart packaging a beneficial tool for your business

What is Covered in the Workshop?

What is Smart Packaging?

  • Introduce the basic concepts of smart packaging and general concepts, such as smart packaging related technologies and usage for data storage
  • Discuss Smart Packaging solutions and platforms

How does it work?

  • Provide an overview of commonly used smart packaging technologies, including RFID (UHF, HF, NFC)
  • Discuss augmented reality
  • Explain how smart packaging technologies work, outlining limitations and benefits
  • Review the IT Interface / Cloud-based architecture necessary to operate an smart packaging solution

How does IoT relate to Smart Packaging? 

  • Focus on the application of IoT to packaging, based on specific case studies; real life applications of IoT to packaging
  • Discuss IoT applications to packaging in an interactive workshop format

Live Smart Packaging Self-Assessment Workshop with Adept’s Experts:

  • Identify potential applications to your business of the technology solutions discussed in the case studies
  • Perform a high-level review of your end to end supply chain
  • Collaborate on how to apply the workshop learnings to your smart packaging strategy

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