Packaging Development Centers of Excellence

January 07,2021 Category: Culture, Foundational Processes, Quality Optimization

As sustainability and cost drivers pressure packaging departments to deliver more value, greater agility, and faster speed to market, establishing a Packaging Development Center of Excellence provides a platform that enables your team to deliver successful, repeatable results. A well run PackDev CoE accelerates future competitiveness and enables faster growth and enhanced profits. It aligns the entire packaging department to execute its strategy and deliver against its goals.

With a PackDev CoE in place, a brand can expect its packaging department to not only be more efficient, but also more accurate. It also provides the packaging department with the tools to optimize costs and the flexibility to evolve to meet new challenges.

What is a PackDev CoE?

A PackDev CoE is a model for managing a packaging department. The model focuses on strong and well aligned fundamental concepts that are common to many successful organizations:

People — enabling cognitive ability and promoting productive interpersonal interactions.

Processes — Aligned to enable efficiency.

Systems — Leveraging computer power to unburden teams.

Implementing a well-run CoE enables an organization to drive consistent, forecastable value from its packaging operations. It makes the people, processes, and systems in place fundamentally stronger and aligns them to execute against the packaging department’s goals.

The Adept Group model for a PackDev CoE contains four key components:

1. Providing Solutions.
2. Knowledge Management.
3. Team Development.
4. Systems & Governance.

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Adept Group has more than a decade of experience in developing and implementing Centers of Excellence within our clients’ packaging departments. If you think a CoE will help optimize the function of your packaging operations, get in touch. We’re ready to deploy our knowledge and experience with CoE to help you maximize the value of your packaging.