Workplace Flexibility Helps Balance a Fast-Paced Career with a High-Speed Hobby

January 19,2022 Category: Culture
Like many skilled professionals, Packaging Engineer Catherine Hurley balances her career with her passions outside of work. Unlike most other people, her passions involve racing motor bikes on high-speed tracks and narrow trails through treacherous terrain. Catherine takes advantage of Adept Group’s flexible working environment to keep up with a demanding training regimen and progress her riding skills while playing a key role in her clients’ packaging operations and Adept’s success overall.

Catherine has been around motorcycle and dirt bike racing for 8 years, volunteering in a variety of roles to support races before beginning to ride motor bikes herself a little over three years ago and entering her first race just two years ago. She traveled around the U.S. both volunteering at and participating in races before expanding to the international MotoGP circuit.

Catherine specializes in hare scramble, a format where waves of riders tackle obstacles at the same time, and enduro racing, where riders’ start times are staggered in one-minute intervals to spread the riders out over the course. Her primary focus is on racing sport bikes on closed courses, but she also cross-trains by riding dirt bikes over more rugged terrain. While she’s still in the early stages of her racing career, she’s already finding success. She set a 2021 record for her organization by completing the fastest lap in the rain and raced well enough to qualify for the expert wave in recent events.

Leveraging Workplace Flexibility to find Work/Life Balance

Catherine took advantage of Adept’s flexible work environment to spend November and December 2021 in Boquete, Panama training with a renowned cross country and hard enduro champion. Catherine was able to structure her time in Panama to complete her project work remotely while maximizing her training time.

She organized her day so that she could start work and take any meetings she needed to participate in during the morning before heading to the track for individual and group training in the afternoon and wrapping up her project work in the evenings.

“It’s hard to train at night, so having a flexible schedule allows me to work the first four hours and the last four hours of the day and focus on all aspects of my training in the middle of the day when there’s plenty of light,” Catherine said. “Adept’s flexibility has helped me organize my day in a way that’s really productive for me and also allows me to prioritize my training.”

As Catherine continues her career with Adept Group, she is also returning to Panama to compete in the Panama National Cross-Country competition, which she qualified for during her training trip, and is working to secure sponsors that will enable her to participate in more international training opportunities and races.

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